Is Bidding Core Business?

I am currently reading an interesting and challenging book about Government and how it is run. The book takes a global view on Government and how change is particularly challenging for the larger, well developed economies. In essence the book asks if growth of Government is inevitable or could there be interesting alternatives. It is into this context that HealthBid was created.

Outsourcing of non-core activity is now viewed as non-controversial within the private sector. Gone are the days when the likes of Ford or General Motors owned the supply chain and managed all elements of its business. Other businesses took different approaches including bringing in specialists to help in spaces where the main company wasn’t the expert and they started to win more and more work from the giants of 20th century economic history.

With this in mind the book claims that huge conglomerates like Proctor & Gamble now get over half of their ideas and support from outsiders to the company. Changing times indeed. At HealthBid we understand reforming all parts of Government is difficult and finding the right balance more so. But we see the private sector increasingly using specialist bid firms to help them retain and win work.

We believe the NHS need to embrace this, as a team of experts and specialists is often better than a single, struggling bid manager. You pay per-bid or annually and get deep sector knowledge and experience to help you outthink and outbid the competition. It’s a challenging concept but with competition in health services unlikely to go away, perhaps one to give proper consideration too.

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