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Our Three Types of Client

Often when a client first engages HealthBid, one of the first things they will ask us to do is a ‘Red Team’ or peer review on one of their previous or existing bid submissions.  Not only is this process incredibly useful in terms of maximising the Probability of Winning (PWin) of the individual tender, it also helps us determine the training needs of the organisation to ensure future bidding success.

Through the Red Team process we are generally able to categorise clients into one of three types.

‘Price is King’

The first type of bidders are those that simply go about writing just enough standard blurb to generate a compliant tender that supports their best possible price.

Of course bidding like this is essentially a gamble, with chances of a win based on being the lowest cost provider.  More importantly, it’s potentially damaging to the organisation as well as often not what a value for money driven Commissioner is looking for when they refer to the ‘Most Economically Advantageous Tender’ (MEAT).

‘They’d be crazy not to award to us’

The second type of bidders are those that put the emphasis on Commissioners to ‘choose’ their tender above everybody else’s. 

Accepting that other commercial factors such as price and presentation inevitably play a part in the award decision, it is the job of the Bid Team to give Commissioners no option other than to select their organisation as ‘preferred bidder’ by securing maximum points for each individual response thereby achieving the highest possible overall score for the ‘Quality’ element of the bid.

Look out for our next blog, which will provide you with some of our top tips on how to achieve this.

‘What they should have asked is…..’

The third type of bidders are those that try to answer the question they think the Commissioner should have asked or indeed, what they wish had been asked

It’s no secret that the standard of commissioning within the healthcare sector varies across the UK and with financial pressures in the public sector leading to Category Managers having to take responsibility for managing multiple complex commissioning categories, poorly constructed procurement documentation and ineffective question sets are unfortunately a reality of the situation.

Despite this, tender evaluation criteria are based on the questions asked and so whether or not you think they are the right questions, you must answer them regardless. 

As well as answering the explicit question asked, a skilled bid writer is also able to interpret the implicit any questions that need to be addressed as part of the Commissioning intentions. By weaving these responses through the tender in such a way, they are able to convince evaluators to award maximum scores for each response whilst at the same time demonstrating levels of knowledge of the service requirements to convince commissioners that their organisation is justified as ‘preferred supplier’.

If some of these themes sound familiar to your organisation and you would like to know how HealthBid can help you improve your Pwin then get in touch with our business development management, Joe Gatenby,

Look out for our next blog which will provide you with some of our top tips for maximising your organisation’s Pwin.

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