When are the Busiest Times for Bidding?

There are peaks and troughs in bidding, with some times of the year proving much busier than others. The smart Bid Team needs to anticipate these, and make sure that resource is correctly allocated.

When are the busiest times? For the NHS they tend to be clumped around holiday periods. For example, we saw a surge in bids being put to market just before Christmas, and then even more on the first few days of the New Year. An analysis of Contract Finder shows that this pattern is repeated in the summer, and to a lesser extent in August. 

This creates a problem for Bid Teams, as tenders need to be written at the exact time that team members want to be on annual leave. We’ve seen many organisations fail to deliver their best possible bid because key personnel were not in the office.

That’s where HealthBid can support. Using our Bid Engine model, we can provide you with consistent cover for your teams, guaranteeing you resource when you most need it. This Christmas period alone, we have worked on multiple projects, some of which needed short notice attention because of staff being out of the office.

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