Team success keys

Team work: the ultimate tool in producing the winning bid

The world of bid writing is an incredibly varied one – from individuals to highly complex teams, there is no hard and fast rule as to how bid writers should operate. However, as a team-based company, we think that this provides the best – not to mention, the most entertaining – space to work in and create winning bids. From advice when writing to the review process, working with others offers a range of benefits in producing a winning bid.


HealthBid’s staff have extensive experience of working both within the NHS and in the bid writing field more generally. From stop-smoking initiatives to patient transport services, we’ve seen it all. This means that we each have our own individual areas of expertise and interest, and can aptly support one another when specialist information is required for a particular piece of work.

The Review Process

This is one of the most gratifying parts of working in a team-based environment rather than on an individual basis. An intrinsic part of the bid writing process is the colour coded teams whereby proposals are reviewed by peers to ensure the question is being answered thoroughly. Even the most experienced bid writers may write an answer which does not specifically address the question, so this is an invaluable point of reference to ensure that bids are being produced to the best of our ability.


There’s no denying that an office environment can be an interesting place to work. Here at HealthBid, all of our staff come from diverse backgrounds; from studying languages, to working in the army. Not only does this make for highly entertaining conversations on a diverse range of subjects, it also makes for a more engaged team when putting together the winning bid.


All of the above typifies why a team is the most dynamic and valuable environment to operate in when creating a winning bid. If you need support with any part of the bidding process, get in touch with our Managing Director, Tom Sheppard, at

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