Pen and Paper

The Self-Awareness Strategy

Writing a bid isn’t as simple as just sitting down straight away and putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard!): it is important to know both your product and strategy as well as what you’re competing for in order to put in that winning piece. Reflecting on your organisation as well as being perceptive of the specific situation is key to tailoring your bid to fit the mould… It’s all very well us here at HealthBid telling you this, but what are the practical implications? What should you be doing?


First things first – be self-aware. This doesn’t mean being able to critique yourself personally (although this isn’t such a bad thing!), but rather your product as a whole. Researching competitors as part of your capture plan not only shows you what you’re up against but also helps you to have a heightened awareness of your key strengths, enabling your win themes to develop.


In a similar light, if you are the incumbent and know certain occasions haven’t been your finest hour… don’t shy away, tackle them! The commissioner will be aware of what you’ve done, and so, instead of making empty claims, tell them (and, even better, show them through modifying your processes) how you are improving and how this has been the catalyst for change.


On a final note, being aware of your company means knowing your team. Need to ask a question about the operational solution? Call Gemma. The pricing? This one’s for Jeff. You get the picture – reflecting on the skills and roles of your team and therefore delegating responsibility in the best way possible enables information to be provided by the most pertinent people and a winning bid to be written.


Our next blog shall focus on the importance of accurately perceiving the demands of the tender, but if you find yourself needing any advice or more practical help with bidding in the meantime, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Joe, our Business Development Manager, on 07341 338 200.