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Explaining The Bid Engine

January has been a busy month for HealthBid – we’ve worked on eight projects across the country including Patient Transport, CAMHS, Weight Management, Orthodontics and national Framework Agreements. We’ve attended Pink and Red Teams hundreds of miles away, submitted SQs, PQQs and proposals both via post and via portal, as well as heard back on several successful bids submitted before the Christmas break.

This extensive output was enabled by the Bid Engine; a system which provides a dynamic pool of experienced bid professionals to proficiently write bids across a range of healthcare areas. To take one example, we recently received a PQQ which proved to be much larger than our client anticipated. HealthBid’s BidEngine model meant that our resource could cover this demand for writing capacity, and the client’s original deadlines were met.

No other bid writing firm offers such a structure – in fact, many of our contemporaries operate as one person entities. Thus if they are unable to fulfil a project deadline personally due to an external reason, they have no-one to fall back on and both client and bid writer suffer as a result. Here at HealthBid, our structure leaps this potential obstacle as our Bid Director allocates work according to capacity. Each week, we have a meeting which addresses all ongoing and upcoming projects – our commitment to transparency ensures that all team members are aware of colleague’s workload and can assist, or ask for assistance, accordingly. 

The camaraderie this has encouraged in our office in turn feeds back into our bidding efforts and we believe that HealthBid offers the best possible service to deliver that winning bid or proposal for your firm.

HealthBid has produced hundreds of winning bids for healthcare suppliers across the country – our expert knowledge of the NHS can help you win work in the public health sector. If you need assistance with any part of the bidding process, get in touch with our Managing Director, Tom Sheppard, at