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HealthBid & NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership (NHSCPP): Winning the Supply Chain Future Operating Model (Tranche 1) Category Towers Procurement

HealthBid are incredibly proud to share our involvement in the NHS Collaborative Partnership’s (NHSCPP) recent success in the Future Operating Model (FOM) Tranche 1 Medical / Clinical Goods Category Towers procurement.

NHSCPP is a Limited Liability Partnership borne out of collaboration between the East of England NHS Collaborative Hub (EOECPH), London Procurement Partnership (LPP), NHS Commercial Solutions (NHSCS) and the North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative (NOECPC).

Keith Rowley, Managing Director of the NHS NOECPC said, “I have no doubt that the support of HealthBid helped us to maximise our competitive advantage during this bid process and as such, I would undoubtedly recommend their services to other NHS organisations.”

A Category Tower combines the procurement of goods to the NHS with an evaluation and product range management process.  These Category Towers will replace the current procurement provision in the NHS Supply Chain contract before its contractual end date.  The aim of this approach is to generate greater levels of savings and benefits for the NHS on its product spend.

Following a competitive OJEU compliant tender process facilitated by NOECPC, HealthBid were selected as NHSCPP’s bid support partner the FOM Tranche 1 Category Towers procurement delivered via the Department of Health (DH) Procurement Team, part of the Procurement Transformation Programme.

This highly complex procurement conducted in accordance with the Restricted Procedure required HealthBid to provide dedicated on-site Bid Management and Bid Writing resource during a period of intensive bid activity lasting over 10 months.

Conducted as two separate phases; ‘Selection’ and ‘Award’, the former required HealthBid to work with Procurement Directors and Senior Category Management Teams from each of the NHS Collaborative Procurement Hubs to complete Selection Questionnaires and associated bid documentation for six unique Lots.

Following successful down-selection for all six Lots, HealthBid were then required to generate the Award Questionnaire (ITT response documentation) for each of these six Lots.

The DH procurement rules specified that no bidder would be awarded more than a total of three Lots.  Our support resulted in NHSCPP scoring winning marks in the Quality sections for all six Lots and following application of the Lot Limitation rules by DH, NHSCPP were named as preferred bidder for the maximum award of three Lots:

Tower 2 – Sterile Intervention Equipment and Associated Consumables;

Tower 4 – Orthopaedics, Trauma and Spine and Ophthalmology;

Tower 5 – Rehabilitation, Disabled Services, Women’s Health and Associated Consumables.

Our Role

This was one of the most intensive and complex procurements conducted by DH in recent years and therefore fully tested the capabilities of all bidders.  Fortunately, when it comes to healthcare procurements of this scale, the deep healthcare sector subject matter expertise and unique Bid Engine approach used by HealthBid is unmatched by any other in-house Bid Department or external Bid Management consultancy, which ensured that our client was able to maximise their competitive advantage throughout the procurement process and secure Contract Award.

In overview, our role in this critical bid campaign was to provide the necessary leadership, management and content production expertise to generate the Most Economically Advantageous Tender (MEAT).  This was achieved through the following components.

Implementing & Managing the Process – Based on the HealthBid ‘Roadmap to Winning Bids’ methodology, the HealthBid Team managed the full bid process on behalf of NHSCPP for all six Category Towers.  Key activities included:

  • Facilitation of the solution design process;
  • Capture planning analysis to generate the overarching Win Strategy and support Win Themes for the specified Evaluation Factors;
  • Bid Campaign ‘Kick-off’ and documentation review;
  • Storyboarding and generation of bid content;
  • Support to pricing development;
  • Review of proposal documentation and pricing;
  • Portal management included management of clarification questions, upload of bid submission, and assurance of all compliance aspects;
  • Post-award support as required;

To support these activities we developed a comprehensive and detailed bid campaign plan that was kept updated throughout the process and included twice-weekly meetings and regular communication touch points with key stakeholders.

Expertise – Our success in the FOM procurement is a real testament to the uniquely effective Bid Engine approach developed and utilised by HealthBid.  Leveraging his industry-leading bid winning experience and proven healthcare business growth capabilities, the project was led by our Bid Director, David Haslewood.  Working closely with one of our highly experienced Senior Bid Managers, Darren O’Meara, the HealthBid Team also included the support of our team of skilled Bid Writers; Rebecca Benson, Georgina Hargrove and Georgia Threadgold.

The quality of our work is always in part due to the fact that we never place projects solely with one person.  Instead we bring together fantastic project managers, strong strategic director input and talented writers on every project to ensure that always produce a proposal that delivers a genuinely vibrant and interesting story for commissioners, drawing on the teams varying skills, interests and unrivalled level of sector knowledge to secure that all important result.

This Bid Engine approach is our biggest differentiator in the market and the reason why so many of our clients choose to engage our services time and time again.  In fact, 90% of our clients who go on to write a second bid will as us to write it for them.

Relationship Management – The NHSCPP bid management process was complex not least because it brought four established bodies together as one collaborative organisation.  Our success is therefore also the result of exceptional stakeholder management; facilitating cooperative and productive relationships across all parties to reach established agreement on solution, price, bid reviews and the finalised submission.

If you’d like to find out more about HealthBid and how we achieve incredible results for our clients like the NHSCPP, get in touch with our Business Development Manager, Laura Moore, on 0113 479 0803.