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Bidding Masterclasses

How We Can Help Your Business Grow

22nd March saw the HealthBid team lead a bidding masterclass for the East of England Collaborative Procurement Hub in Cambridge. With the packed sessions led by two of our Directors, David Haslewood and Tom Sheppard, a wide variety of UK healthcare businesses were addressed and appraised as to the intricacies of the NHS bidding market. David and Tom possess over 20 years of experience within procurement, and this has given them incredible insight into the evermore nuanced nature of bidding within the NHS as well as further afield, from open and restricted procedures, to more varied competitive dialogues. In this blog post, we’ll be talking about the day’s timetable in Cambridge, and how we can lead similar workshops to help your business grow. With the new tax year beckoning, considering our organisation to deliver such sessions is a timely consideration, as many businesses reflect upon the previous twelve months’ performance and consider new strategies for growth.


The Timetable

The morning began with David addressing an audience for approximately 45 minutes on the significance of bid management, including HealthBid’s presence in the NHS market. Our delivery of winning bids for both public and private providers has given us incomparable knowledge as to the methodology behind successful procurement. This is embodied in our ‘Roadmap to Winning Bids’, which epitomises our ability to produce bespoke bids and communicate effectively with all key stakeholders from initial contact until publication of the procurement outcome.

After a short break, the afternoon saw delivery of a second session, specifically on bid writing. Key to HealthBid’s success is our awareness of time management, as well as the ability to write on behalf of our clients in a knowledgeable, enthusiastic and commercial fashion. A final Q&A session addressed any concerns that masterclass attendees had as to the procurement process, and both Directors immensely enjoyed the experience to meet groundbreaking healthcare organisations, and learn more about the ever evolving landscape of UK healthcare.


How can we help you?

With the new tax year dawning next week, we understand that many businesses, from SMEs to those of larger scale, will be contemplating the last twelve months, and considering their next steps for expansion. We are frequently approached to undertake workshops for national healthcare organisations, seeking insight into the bidding process. In fact, our next masterclass is scheduled for 27th June at Newcastle Racecourse, where our winning team will be delivering a bid writing workshop to a variety of medical professionals. As well as more formal meetings, we are also available to provide advice on a smaller scale, as well as proactively produce complex bid responses for a variety of clients. If you’re seeking to expand your business, do not hesitate to contact our MD, Tom Sheppard at, for guidance.