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A Bidding Guide for Small Businesses

The HealthBid Approach

However small a business, there are always opportunities to enter the public sector procurement market. As a fellow Small and Medium Enterprise (SME), HealthBid loves working with the small and mighty businesses out there, and can help make sense of the processes that may appear daunting and unreachable at first.

We have already worked with a number of SMEs from the areas of public health, patient transport, orthodontics, and many more, and we find that SMEs are sometimes the most exciting, creative, and innovative clients to work for.

This guide will hopefully show how big an impact SMEs can have by getting involved in the procurement process, and will highlight how we can further help you.


However big or small, there will be a place for you

You do not have to be a Lead Provider to bid within the public sector. We have worked with many – very successful – SMEs who have made their way into the market by becoming a subcontractor, or as part of a consortium. Partnering procurement not only takes the burden from SMEs, but it is something Commissioners often take delight in seeing.


It’s not difficult to find opportunities available

Contracts Finder allows you to search for all upcoming, current, and previous tenders and contracts worth over £10,0000. If you’re interested in procurement, it may be a good idea to have a browse on Contracts Finder, and see where your business might fit in.


There is government help available

For example, the Small Business Research initiative (SBRI), an award our partner company, 365 Response, has recently won numerous times! This initiative is designed to encourage research and development from small firms, and allows them to show they have the ability to carry out high-quality research and development in response to governmental strategic requirements.


If it’s all still too much, HealthBid would be more than happy to help

SMEs come to us for numerous reasons, some being:

·      Even though there’s help available, it’s confusing or daunting

·      They are unsure how to go about initiating the process

·      They are not sure how to be successful with the quality aspects of the tender

·      There is just not enough time in the diary to complete such a lengthy process!


This is where we come in. HealthBid are always excited to have opportunities to work with new clients, especially if they’re SMEs. We have a dedicated, specialist bidding team available to work with you throughout the process, and are able to offer all the advice, tips, and writing skills we have.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at tom.sheppard@healthbid.co.uk if bidding is something you’d like to get involved with.