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Wraparound Care

So-called ‘wraparound’ care, i.e. the integration of health and social care, was introduced in response to the problems facing both areas, with the lack of interaction between them lengthening the process of healthcare provision for the Service User. In this blog post, we’ll be looking at the results this innovation will have for UK Service Users, as well as the implications for procurement.

The Significance of the FYFV

Encapsulated in the Five Year Forward View is the introduction of the new Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) and within these, The New Care Models Programme. These detail the NHS’ answer to such pressures, and include the integration of health and social care.  However, the integration of health and social care predates these plans, with such ambitions epitomised by 2013’s Better Care Fund. As a recent article on ‘The Guardian’ website highlights, Dorset CCG has capitalised on this funding, and is a primary site for the trialling of such an integrated model. NHS Chief, Simon Stevens, hopes that such initiatives can be rolled out nationally to address what was formerly presumed to be insurmountable service demand, as part of Dorset’s wider STP.

The Better Care Fund

The Better Care Fund encapsulates the savings hoped to be accrued through the collaboration of these two types of care. The BCF aims to ‘join-up health and care services, so that people can manage their own health and wellbeing, and live independently in their communities for as long as possible.’

This model has been realised through Dorset CCG’s 10 community hubs, whereby communication between relevant health and social care organisations are executed – from GPs to ambulance services to district nursing services – and integration ensured. With over 80% of Service Users being of an older demographic, and Dorset’s quality of life meaning that it has many over-85s and over-75s, it is a prime area for the trialling of such a new model of care.

Extra care at home will also go some way to combatting the problem of costly use of acute sites. Indeed, spend per patient on hospital stays in Dorset has been estimated to have dropped by over £2,400 – more than a 50% cost saving.

Wider Significance

Across the country, health and social care is undergoing extensive redesign and integration aligned with the sentiments expressed in the FYFV, following on from the Coalition Government’s initial introduction of the BCF in mid-2013.

To take one example, in Salford, the Integrated Care Organisation (ICO) has united adult social and health care across the city. It has a budget of £213m and over 2000 staff at its disposal, all dedicated to the wellbeing of its c.233,000 residents. As well as the move being expected to deliver approximately £27 million of savings, the new model arguably offers a simplified pathway for service users at a vulnerable point in their lives.


Whilst the results of this integration are not possible to pinpoint as yet due to their recent introduction, to consider Dorset’s example, integration appears to be a promising option. Valuable cost savings are being generated – particularly due to the reduction in the use of acute sites. This new efficiency accords with the themes of the FYFV, including the STPs and the initiative of the New Care Models.

But what results will this have for procurement? We believe that due to these reforms, essential to bidding in 2017 is a genuine pledge from suppliers, affirming their commitment to this integrated approach and how they will realise this connection in their particular service. In short, recognition of this connection between health and social care, and the relevant stakeholders (such as Salford’s ICO), is integral to the winning of such tenders.

HealthBid has worked on several innovative models of care across the country, with particular reference to regional STPs. Our team possesses longstanding knowledge of the complexities of the ever evolving NHS landscape. Contact our MD, Tom Sheppard, at for more information.


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