HealthBid Delivers for Patient Transport Company

We love winning work for our clients here at HealthBid – and we’ve been having lots of success recently! 

One of our largest clients works in Non-Emergency Patient Transport (PTS). This vital work helps to keep the NHS running smoothly, by helping people get to their appointments at the hospital on time. We have built a fantastic relationship over multiple bids with this client, giving us the opportunity to build and refine strong commercial win themes, as well as the compliance basics that go with this type of work.

Even though we have written nearly a dozen bids for them, we always stick to our process because we know that every bid is still just as important as the first. Our brilliant team has worked hard to develop high scoring PTS answers, but we review these for each bid, and ensure that they are still relevant, and importantly that they suit the needs of the particular commissioners.

We have won tens of millions of pounds of work for our customer, proving the strength of our model, and the benefit of building the sort of long term relationship that gives the best results. Our contract shares the risk with our client, meaning that commercially it has been a good relationship on both sides.

To find out more about how we could be working for your business, delivering results that go straight to your bottom line, then get in touch with Laura on or 07341 338200.