New Year, New You?

Refresh Your Bidding Model

It’s the month of resolutions. On a personal level, we are all adept at taking some time in January to consider the year just gone and how we might do things better looking forward. Indeed, the classic – be more active, eat less chocolate – makes its 2018 (re)appearance on my list!

However, it might also be the time to think about making some tangible change on an organisational level. Could your approach to bidding do with a refresh?

When it comes to winning public sector work, we find our clients commonly turn to HealthBid because their previous procurement model has been;

  • Resource Draining – compliant, high quality bids commonly require the input of a number of Subject Matter Experts (SME) for content and robust project management to keep the tender on track. Often this means pulling people off their ‘day job’ to help get the bid over the line.
  • Time Demanding – volume of work combined with restrictive deadlines means bidding can be hugely demanding on time. Especially if it comes as an addition to your usual responsibilities, evenings and weekends can become dedicated to tender preparation.
  • Overly Complicated – Without clear lines of responsibility (e.g. a dedicated Bid Manager or Bid Team), project management and action ownership can become blurred and unnecessarily complex; a classic ‘too many cooks in the kitchen’ situation. 
  • Under Resourced – if opportunities drop at similar times it may be that just one Project Manager/Team is having to manage several tender submissions at once, without giving each bid the dedicated attention it needs to facilitate a high-quality submission.
  • Technically Driven – whilst the technicalities of service delivery are essential, people too often forget that bidding is all about sales! Without expert writers who are experienced at writing engaging and exciting narratives for Commissioners, the quality of your submission can be jeopardised.   

All, some or just one of these factors can result in a needlessly complex and stressful tender process and ultimately, consistently low win rates. If you’ve found yourself relating to any of the above, it might be time to think differently about your bidding model. Here, HealthBid can help.

We offer a number of services, all of which are guaranteed to inject efficiency, energy and quality back into your bids and improve your chances of success. These range from supporting you through the whole process of winning work to offering additional capacity and a review services.

HealthBid are so successful because we do things differently. Using our unique BidEngine Model, your bid always gets team attention, never being placed solely with one person. Bringing together fantastic project managers, strong strategic director input and talented writers on every project means we always deliver incredibly high-quality work. As specialists, dedicated solely to working in Health and Social Care, our model is also reinforced by an unrivalled level of sector knowledge.

If you think it’s time for a change in your bidding model, give our Business Development Manager call on 07341 338200.  Laura can tell you more about who we are, what we do and how we can help you win more work in the public sector this year!