New Win for HealthBid Client

Late last year, we had the opportunity to work with an established HealthBid client to shape elements of their response to a Healthy Lifestyles bid in the Midlands. This was a really enjoyable piece of work for a client with whom we have developed a great relationship; they trust us to deliver.

We were able to take the essence of all the good content produced for previous bids with them as a base and to craft some tailored pieces for the new tender, with the added bonus of previous tender scoring to improve the response. We really picked out the benefits our client would bring to the commissioners and local population. It was so good to hear today that they’d been selected as the new service provider!

Whilst a lot of our work is writing full bids, we often work with clients during the bid process like this, so that we can bring our skills to a project. To find out more about how we could help your organisation, get in touch!