The Importance of the Pink & Red Team

At HealthBid, we are proud to manage bids via a proven methodology, which allows us to be flexible to client needs and resources.

We have longstanding experience of supporting our clients in both Tranche 1 activity, including capture planning and initial win strategy design, and Tranche 2 – creating the bid itself.

The nature of our business model and our flexible, reactive Bid Engine means we commonly work on bids with a significantly condensed timeline, and on services of varying complexity and size.

It is through an established Tranche 2 process that we deliver extremely high-quality, compliant content too often these strictest of deadlines. We achieve this by prioritising two fundamental elements of Tranche 2; the Pink Team and the Red Team.

The Pink Team

The Pink Team creates the conditions for success. Fundamentally, it allows us to work out where your win themes lie, so we can translate that into excellent bid content.

The Pink Team is an essential kick-off meeting where we get to grips with who you are, what you do, and what you’ve done so far. As an external organisation looking in, we are exceptionally well-placed to really capture your unique selling points, and equally, the things that might not have worked previously. Our outside perspective allows us to challenge entrenched thinking, and drive stronger commercial messages.

We use the specification and quality response documents to guide these conversations. We ensure everyone understands the specification and the Commissioner’s expectations, going through the specification page by page to ensure compliance and storyboard responses based on the content you can give us. We also use these conversations to signpost content that might be needed looking forward e.g. action the distribution of relevant policies and procedures.

Ultimately, our Bid Managers and Writers become part of your team throughout the tender process. The Pink Team offers the opportunity to really establish this strong, co-productive relationship. That’s why we always recommend a face-to-face Pink Team, allowing us to;

  • Establish a familiar, trusted relationship;
  • To share information with ease and clarity;
  • To facilitate effective bid management;
  • Allow us to quickly generate high-quality, compliant content.

HealthBid are a people-based business. What we bring to the table are the skills, knowledge and experience of our Bid Director, Senior Bid Managers, Bid Managers and Writers. The best way to really maximise this value is by meeting us in person and kicking-off your project through a comprehensive and directed Pink Team.

The Red Team

The Red Team is all about quality assurance. It is a critical review of the tender, commonly line by line, in order to ensure the bid is compliant and reflective of your strong win themes.

This meeting is about improving the bid, so we always ask clients to be honest and open with their feedback. Equally, we ask clients to set aside a good amount of time for this exercise. At least half a day allows for a fully comprehensive review – the nuances matter! A thorough read-through, using the evaluation criteria provided, truly maximises the quality of your bid.

HealthBid can support you in part or all of your tender process – from Red Team Reviews of your internal work to our full writing and management package. If you would like to find out more about us, please give our Business Development Manager Laura a call on 0113 479 0803.