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About HealthBid

At HealthBid, we pride ourselves on three things; our team of in-house experts, their unrivalled knowledge of the healthcare sector and our tried and tested process that ensures nothing is left to chance.

These three things are the beating heart of HealthBid, they’re what set us apart and what will help you deliver a winning bid.

Established in 2015 by Tom, David and Brendan, HealthBid was born out of a passion to write winning, compelling bids for clients who were looking to offer services to the NHS and private sector organisations. We have since grown to become the UK’s leading specialist healthcare bid writing company, supporting businesses of all shapes and sizes who aim to write vibrant, winning bids but have time and resource constraints, or are regularly losing out to their competition.

Consistently delivering the
highest quality

At HealthBid, we don’t work with freelance writers, we only use bid professionals that we have trained and mentored – this is the most effective way to consistently deliver the highest quality results and an industry-leading win rate. We know how important this is to our clients; it means we can allocate specific teams to each project to ensure the most efficient output and allows us to manage the entire tender process end-to-end with the same team. 

Because our service is not just placing one person with you, you can be assured that every bid is getting the attention of people throughout our business.

Our Values

From the start, our company values have always remained consistent and are the lifeblood of everything we do. We know how important it is to do a good job, it doesn’t just benefit us and our reputation but also benefits our clients and, in turn, has a positive impact on the healthcare sector. Therefore, we ask ourselves to consider these 6 core values at all times.

1. Immerse yourself in your client's vision and reality

2. Be bold, confident and innovative

3. Be agile to help your colleagues and your clients

4. Add value to everything you do

5. Learn, improve & teach

6. Establish a benefit and always ask yourself – so what?