Bidding Matters

Getting your bidding right is critical to your chances of winning work with the NHS. However, writing a winning bid doesn’t start once a tender has been published. It starts with understanding the service that your organisation provides, and what makes those services the best in the market. Our full service bid support helps you with this, then crafts a tender response that sells this service.

We fully understand how hard and complex bidding can be, particularly in the healthcare sector.  We know this because we’ve done the late nights and weekends, postponed the family holidays at the last minute, and driven our teams to their limit.  But through these experiences we have collectively delivered dozens bids into the NHS to generate over £500m of awarded revenue.

We also acknowledge how disruptive bidding can be on organisations and their people – often you see people at their very worst; they already have a busy day job and are then asked to get involved with high intensity and high pressure bid activity often resulting in them doing neither well.

In practice many large companies deal with bidding capability deficiencies by employing a permanent team of experienced Bid professionals.  But given the lumpy nature of bidding the dilemma for these organisations can often be gauging how much business winning capability is optimal.

HealthBid Expertise

All bids are overseen by our Bid Director, Mike Pearson, and have commercial input throughout from other members of our team. This is vital in turning a good bid document into a vibrant, interesting story for commissioners. We go beyond just writing the bid, and help you with:-

We know that each of these requires a different set of skills, which is why we aren’t just a provider of bid writers – we support you with people who have a range of strategic, commercial, project management and operational skills.

Our People

We only use bid writers we have trained and mentored – this is the only way we have found that consistently delivers us the highest quality results, and an industry leading win rate. What’s more, we only work with people who know the NHS inside out – people who know every TLA in the business!

And because our service is not just placing one person with you, you can be assured that every bid is getting the attention of people throughout our business.

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