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Leading you to bid success

How can HealthBid lead your organisation to bid success?

We’re here to support you in winning work with the NHS. We’re the experts, with millions of pounds worth of work won. We only focus on the healthcare sector, and can deliver the full live bid process, managing the timeline, stakeholders, writing, outputs and ensuring a wholly compliant, high quality winning bid.

Our experience tells us how difficult and complex bidding can be, particularly in the healthcare sector. That’s why we take the weight off your shoulders and absorb the often-time-consuming process with the ability and expertise to support you wherever you are along your bid writing journey.

Our Bid Writing Process

Our tried-and-tested methodology is people-centric and process-driven to ensure our clients have the best chance of winning their bid. We support you by:

Immersing Ourselves

As a starting point, we “immerse ourselves in our client’s reality” at our initial meetings with your key stakeholders, which kickstarts the tender writing process, introducing us to your team, service, and established position within the healthcare landscape.

Understanding Fundamentals

Establishing a fundamental understanding of your feel as an organisation is critical to developing those all important win themes to be woven throughout a winning bid that sells your service or product. This will help us to craft your story through well considered and insight-driven writing techniques.

Writing your Bid

Once those win themes have been established, we will begin to write compliant, compelling responses to the tender questions. Nothing is left to chance, every aspect of the bid is considered and discussed with a clear plan established for completion. For example, the responses will be informed by factors such as your service model, the service’s specification, the tender evaluation criteria, local research, and our extensive knowledge about the NHS.

Assuring Quality

The responses then undergo a rigorous quality assurance process before being presented to you to ensure that the fundamentals of the questions are answered with any value-add elements and consistent tone, presentation and win themes throughout the tender responses.

Listening to your Feedback

Once the bid is written, we will set up another meeting at a time that suits you where you can provide your comments and feedback, also using this as an opportunity to obtain nuggets of gold in the form of additional case studies, data, and statistics, where needed. This is designed to push the bid into the outstanding category, ensuring that we are presenting you at your very best.

Readying you for Submission

All amendments will be swiftly incorporated, while ensuring the integrity of the tender. The tender responses will be presented to you as a final draft, ready for submission. We can then hand back over to you or submit the tender response on the portal if required.

Where to start

Whether you know exactly what you are looking for or have no idea where to start, we can help.

Our fee for bid writing depends on a range of factors, including the size and complexity of the tender opportunity. For a free, no-obligation quote, contact our sales team today on 0113 479 0803, email info@healthbid.co.uk or fill out the below contact form and a member of our sales team will be happy to help.