Big Win for HealthBid Client

HealthBid & NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership (NHSCPP): Winning the Supply Chain Future Operating Model (Tranche 1) Category Towers Procurement HealthBid are incredibly proud to share

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Framework Agreements

The annual conbined turnover of UK Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) was over £1.8 trillion in 2016. Governments in recent years have committed more and more funding to them, since it is clear they are key to economic growth.

Following on from a previous blog (‘A Bidding Guide for Small Businesses’, 10/04/17), we want to discuss how else SMEs can get involved in public procurement. Framework agreements represent around 45% of procurements in the UK, and they are increasingly valuable for SMEs.

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Should you bid?

This week’s post explores the concept of ‘bid/no-bid’, or rather, how do you know whether you should bid or not? It can be exciting when

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Dementia Awareness Week

A Brief Background on Dementia   This week, in recognition of Dementia Awareness Week, we’ll be using the HealthBid blog to understand more about Dementia.

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