Case Study

Children's Services Bid Planning

Client: Large NHS Foundation Trust 

Year of completion: 2021

Healthcare Sector: Children’s Services 

Project Category: Bid Planning 

Project Detail

By using HealthBid’s Plan service, organisations improve their chances of winning bids, save time during the bid process, and reduce stress on their teams.

A good example of this is a recent piece of work that we carried out for a large Foundation Trust who have asked to remain anonymous. Our unique model of working meant that this project could be resourced flexibly as required at different phases, with one of our senior management team taking the lead throughout.

The Client's Barriers


Team Size

The client's small team was leading to a resourcing issue.

Lack of Resource

The lack of resources highlighted a need for external support.


A lack of knowledge of the local area.

The Opportunity

This Trust were keen to bid on a forthcoming piece of work for children’s services in a new area – they already run similar services in another part of the country. When we had an initial consultation with them, they discussed the strategic importance of winning this contract but also the fact that they did not know the local area as well as their other contracts, and they expected it to be a very competitive tender. 

Our Approach

Our team sifted through local health and social care needs, using NHS Fingerprints, the JSNA, and other sources. This built up a clear picture of local factors that would influence both how the service should be delivered, and how this should be described in the bid document itself.

Understanding the Client

We carried out and facilitated discussions with, and detailed research into our clients to analyse their strengths and weaknesses against each of the specification points. Our deep experience as healthcare bid writers meant that we were able to focus on areas that we knew would add value to the final document, supported by evidence. Where gaps were identified, we RAG rated these, and created a pre-bid action list for the Trust.

Competitor Analysis

We then considered the client's potential competitors. Using our own research, as well as conversations with their business development team, we identified a long list of seven potential competitors, and then reduced this to the two who we felt were the most likely to win. For these competitors, we analysed their strengths and weaknesses against the same specification points, giving a RAG rating for each element the Commissioners required.

Gap Analysis

After we completed our analysis, we presented back to the Trust, and worked with them to ensure they understood the points that they needed to work on, and ideas they could use to help mitigate the strengths of their competitors. The Trust was able to quickly see areas that they would need to either seek out evidence for or to create new clinical solutions to deliver.

Strategy Planning

Using a mix of internal and external analysis, we were able to help the client formulate both a win strategy and win themes. By carrying out this work in advance of the bid, the client significantly reduced the amount of work needed to be done during the more stressful bid phases.

Project Success

By carrying out this work in advance of the bid, the client significantly reduced the amount of work that needed to be done during the more stressful bid phase.

The plan work we did shows how our team and our unique model of working can help you to Plan your bids better, giving you a better chance of winning, whilst also reducing the stress on your team during the bid phase.