Championing Small and Medium Enterprises in Bidding

HealthBid (Bidding Limited)’s unique, bespoke services can help your small to medium sized enterprise (SME) flourish in a competitive market. Our short guide below explains how we will partner with you to ensure bid-readiness and deliver winning bids. 

The importance of bidding to SMEs 

A small to medium sized enterprise is defined by the UK government as an organisation with 250 or fewer employees and a turnover of less than £43 million. To secure contracts within the NHS and private sector, suppliers, including SME’s, will be subject to a tendering process. As an SME, you have the potential for substantial growth – your success will uplift the economy and create jobs. The UK government is aware that your growth releases these benefits and as such they:

“Have changed the way we buy goods and services to help more SMEs to bid for our contracts. These include:

  • requiring the entire public sector supply chain to be paid within 30 days.
  • buying in a simpler and quicker way e.g., abolishing pre-qualification questionnaires for low value public sector contracts.
  • requiring the public sector to publish its contracts on Contracts Finder.” (


Collaboration with HealthBid 

However, you may have a limited number of internal resources, and a mountain of day-to-day responsibilities in your frontline healthcare day job that prevent you from putting your all into the bidding process. We understand that your priority is to provide the best possible outcome for your patients/end users. 

This is where HealthBid can help – at HealthBid (part of Bidding Ltd) we have the tools and knowledge to help small and medium sized enterprises win contracts and in turn, promote growth for your business. For instance, Yorkshire Health Solutions are a small company providing high quality ultrasound staff to the NHS in the North of England. We are their bid partner of choice and our bespoke blend of content production and bid management delivered a compelling and efficient winning bid for this enterprise. 

This 24,000-word Greater Manchester NOUS tender featured 7 different localities that had to be equally considered and incorporated within an overarching service solution.  We compared the previous tender to the reissued tender with additional locations, producing a gap analysis that helped us to coordinate this complex process. This time-consuming and complicated procedure was taken care of by the Health Bid team and in turn our input ensured that this small, sonographer-led business produced a winning bid.

Our mission is simple – to deliver the best possible bids for our client.  If this is the case for you, then our dedicated, knowledgeable team will be able to guide you through the tender process and lead you to success. HealthBid specialise in NHS tender services and have the tools and industry know-how to find the right tenders for your business. Once the ball is rolling, we offer full control of the process, which is extremely important for innovative, hard-working enterprises such as yourself.

PLAN for success 

Perhaps you have bids in the pipeline but aren’t sure how to approach them? Then our PLAN package may be for you. Planning will dramatically increase your chances of winning a bid! Recently, a small charity approached us about an upcoming APMS bid. They needed help preparing the documents, given that their team was mostly clinical, with limited experience of the bidding procedures. Our specialist assessed this small client’s bid-readiness and as a result HealthBid delivered a series of targeted, individualised pre-bid workshops to ensure our client’s success for this and future bids. Furthermore, this process would make bidding a quicker process in the future and our client’s team are now knowledgeable and prepared for all opportunities.

This example demonstrates how our committed, friendly team will understand your vision and translate this into bid readiness tools, specific to your needs, that will help your SME win bids, secure contracts and expand throughout the healthcare sector.