We know it can be challenging to navigate the healthcare procurement world, so we have answered some important questions we get asked on a regular basis to help to guide you along your journey.

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We begin the bid writing process by conducting targeted meetings with representatives from your company. The purpose of these meetings is to gather insight into your service and gain as much information as possible.

We use this information to create high quality responses to the tender questions, ensuring engaging, compliant content for submission. Find out more about our bid services.

We do not have a price list as each project is individual in its own right and our pricing reflects that. Our pricing is dependent on a variety of factors such as word count, resource, timeline and the level of support each client needs. To receive an accurate quote on a particular project, call us on 0113 479 0803 or email info@healthbid.co.uk and a member of our Business Development Team will be happy to help.

Yes. All of our team are highly skilled, passionate and committed and focus solely on writing bids for the healthcare sector where we have written hundreds of tenders over the years. Our Meet the Team page details each team members specialist interests, take a look here.

This depends on the size of the bid. From our experience, smaller bids can be completed in a matter of weeks, but more complex bids with larger word counts can take more time. We will work closely with you to work out the optimum timescale, working both to tender requirements and around your busy schedule.

We work on a first-come-first-served basis. To guarantee our services, we can discuss the possibility of a retainer to ensure we are available to write your next winning bid. Do not hesitate and contact us today to secure our winning services for your tender.

Yes, we offer bid review services where a member of our Senior Management Team will conduct a full review of your bid. After the review, we can conduct a feedback session to discuss and explain comments, ensuring they can be effectively incorporated into your tender. Contact us today to find out how we can support your organisation.

Yes, there will be a dedicated team who will work collaboratively to ensure the responses are of the highest quality. The size of the team will depend on the complexity of the tender. Each team usually comprises of a member of our Senior Management Team, a Bid Manager and a Bid Writer, depending on the scale of the project.

Yes, we work with companies of all shapes and sizes with varying levels of bidding experience. If it is your first-time entering the world of procurement or you currently run multiple contracts, get in touch today to see how we can help you with your next bid.
Yes, from our experience there can be several reasons why you might be struggling to win bids. We can work closely with you and your team to get a better understanding of why you’ve not been successful in the past and help ready you for the next opportunity. Alongside our bid writing service where we can write the response for you, we also offer staff training and workshops which may be of use. Get in contact with our sales team today on 0113 479 0803 or email info@healthbid.co.uk and a member of our sales team will be happy to help.
At the beginning of each project, we will work with you to agree a bid timeline which will outline all the key milestones with corresponding dates. This timeline acts as a template to ensure we deliver a fully compliant bid before the submission date.

The OJEU is the Official Journal of the European Union and is an online platform where buyers post upcoming tenders to inform potential suppliers of the procurement dates. The ‘S series’ part of the OJEU contains invitations to tender.

What is an OJEU tender?
A public sector tender valued above a certain financial threshold and published in the Official Journal of the European Union.

What is the OJEU procurement process?
The OJEU procurement process is designed to create a fair bidding process. OJEU tenders are governed by strict regulations which help to create a fair procurement process for each provider. All public sector buyers are legally required to comply with regulations.

A healthcare tender is a contract that goes through a competitive bidding process. Services tendered this way are usually commissioned by local Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), but can be commissioned by other organisations such as NHS England or local councils.

Why do I need to tender?
There are a variety of reasons why you should start bidding for tenders. Many organisations bid for tenders to grow their business and become more profitable, whilst others bid to drive change in their local area

What is a bid?
A bid is a competitive process between multiple organisations. The buyer will evaluate all of the bids and select their preferred bidder. The preferred bidder will then be awarded the contact by the Commissioner.

What is a framework agreement?
A framework agreement is a type of contract where the buyer will select multiple bidders who can deliver the services.

Invitation to Tender.

What is an ITT?
An Invitation to Tender is the main part of the bidding process. You will receive all the necessary documentation to enable bid submission. Generally, ITTs include:

  • Instruction to bidders
  • Evaluation criteria
  • Procurement timetable
  • Contractual documents, including conditions of contract, freedom of information, statement of non-collusion etc.
  • Pricing schedule
  • Service specification
  • Technical questions

If you’re currently bidding for a healthcare contract and need some guidance or support, our team can help. Get in touch today on 0113 479 0803 or email info@healthbid.co.uk.

What is the difference between an Invitation to Tender and a Request for Proposal?
A Request for Proposal (RFP) is used for complex projects where multiple sub-contractors will be needed to deliver the service. An ITT and RFP both contain similar documentation to support bidders throughout the process.

Method statements, as with quality responses, are what commissioners request as part of a tender to allow the bidder an opportunity to demonstrate their proposed approach and solution in the context of the requirements.

Why do I need to write a method statement?
Method statements give you the chance to showcase your organisation’s ability to deliver a service in the context of the question. Commissioners use these to ensure the organisations bidding for the contract have a viable service model which appropriately aligns with their vision. 

What should be included in a method statement?
Method statements ask questions that focus on the ‘how’ side of the service. For example, the Commissioner may ask how you will deliver a service or specific service elements.

A PQQ is a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (also known as an SQ, Selection Questionnaire). It allows Commissioners to evaluate the companies interested in bidding for the contract, either before or during the ITT stage depending on whether it’s a restricted or open procedure. Commissioners use this process to filter out unsuitable organisations from the tendering process.

What is included in a PQQ?
A PQQ requests company and bidding model information, and involves a set of key criteria questions the bidder must pass to get to the next stage of the procurement process.

A Bid Writer is a member of our team who will create content for the bid response alongside a Bid Manager and a member of our Senior Management Team.

Why do I need a Bid Writer to support with my submission?
With over 100 years’ combined experience, our team have extensive knowledge of the world of healthcare procurement. Our Bid Writers will bring out the best of the service offer into an engaging response, understanding the Commissioner requirement and aligning the content, telling a compelling story in response to the question criteria, and translating the vision onto the page. With our support, we can assure you that your tender submission is in capable hands and is best placed to win the contract.

What support can a Bid Writer give me?
Bid Writers can support you throughout the bidding process. As dedicated professionals within this sector, we have a deep understanding of the procurement landscape and we are on hand to help alleviate any concerns or queries you may have about your tender. Our Bid Writers can create a compelling narrative that puts your organisation in the best position to win.

A Bid Manager will be a point of contact between us and your company for the bid in question. They will be on hand to maintain momentum, organise and implement the timetable, communicate tender updates, manage internal progress, conduct compliance checks and submit where applicable. They will be manage the project internally, ensuring that all key milestones are met.

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