WCTS Leeds City Council

This project was for Therapy and Counselling Services for Women in Leeds. As the incumbent provider, WCTS engaged HealthBid’s Support for the Market Sounding Exercises, which were short tender-like responses to discuss how they would approach the service.

Bid Planning – APMS Service

A GP practice in a major city approached HealthBid because they were facing a bid for their APMS primary care services. By carrying out a number of Plan workshops and Bid Readiness activities, we helped align the business for bid success.

Bid Planning – Public Health Service

Our team recently worked with a large company interested in entering the public health sector. With the client being a new entrant to the public health market, they came to us for help with preparing to bid on a major contract in England.

South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust

HealthBid recently worked with SWFT on behalf of Warwickshire Place. The project objective was to create an implementation roadmap to transform SWFT from being a Provider to becoming a Host Provider for Warwickshire PLACE by 22/23.

Bid Planning – Children’s Services

We recently helped a large foundation trust carry out plan work for an upcoming bid. Our unique model meant this project could be resourced flexibly as required at different phases, with one of our senior management team taking the lead throughout.

Northern Medical Ultrasound Greater Manchester


As Yorkshire Health Solutions’ (YHS) bid partners of choice, HealthBid has gained invaluable insights into their way of working over the numerous NOUS bids we have submitted and won.

Northern Medical Ultrasound Bolton


As long-established partners, the way HealthBid and Yorkshire Health Solutions (YHS) work together is a testament to how our process fits each client we have.