How Bid Planning can set you up to deliver a winning response

Why Should I Invest in Bid Planning?

We understand that budgets can be tight, and spending extra money before you enter a business-critical bid cycle might not be appealing. However, investing in Plan can save you money long-term, improving the efficiency of your processes and resulting in higher quality bids.



Let’s break these down further.


An Increased Probability of Winning

How many times have you received a notice that you’ve lost a tender submission and thought, “If only we’d spent more time on…”? Or, you might be completely blindsided, and unsure what you did wrong. In either case, we can help.

If you’re losing and not sure why, we can review your previous submissions and feedback to shed some light and suggest areas for improvement both in your writing and in your service. If you know where you’re going wrong, we can hold a bespoke workshop with your team to address those pain points and put you in a stronger position for your next submission.


Time Saved in the Bid Writing Process

If you’ve ever written a bid, you’ve almost definitely wished you had a time machine to give yourself more hours in the day – so why not buy yourself some extra time before the bid’s even out?

By identifying your key pain points in the planning stage, you can resolve or mitigate these before the bid is released, allowing you to spend more time in the writing process focussed on making your answers as strong as possible.


Improved Experience and Understanding Within Your Team

Sometimes you get everyone in a room for that first bid meeting and realise that across your team exists multiple different versions of your service model. This causes hold ups to the bid process, as you need to align the team to your chosen approach.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Through workshops and proper communication prior to the bid release, you can gather viewpoints from across your team and ensure consistent messaging. We know that these conversations often go much more smoothly with an external facilitator to balance priorities and chair discussions, and that’s where we come in.


Ready to Improve your Planning?

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Written by Meg House, Senior Plan Manager 

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