Meet the Team

Our team's knowledge of the healthcare sector and NHS tender process is unrivalled.

We have worked on hundreds of tenders across all sectors of healthcare, meaning you can rely on our expertise to support you along each step of your journey.

We’re dedicated in delivering the best standard at all times, and the diverse interests and specialities of each of our Bid Professionals are driven by a passion for healthcare and improving services.

We would love to hear more about your requirements and see how our team can support you. Get in touch today on 0113 479 0803 or email us at to discuss your needs.

Bid Managers

Our Bid Managers are responsible for managing the full bidding process from start to finish, working closely with you and your team to develop and follow achievable timescales and ensure the project stays on course and is delivered effectively. They are responsible for the leadership of the project team as well as content generation and quality assurance, ensuring all written content is refined and compliant.

The Bid Managers that work on your project will guide you through the process and answer any questions you have along the way from the very first meeting through to the upload and submission of your response.

Sam G

Bid Manager

Using the tools he has developed during his English Literature and Creative Writing degree, Samuel enjoys conducting local research into projects, using his skills to add flair to responses. He has a special interest in Social Value, and how this can be articulated within the tender with a tangible community focus.

Sam takes time to quality check his own responses as well as those written by the team around him to ensure the best quality output for our clients, Sam is also responsible for creating graphics to help convey information in an easy to digest way for commissioners


Bid Manager

After graduating in International Business with German, Lindie has gained vast experience in contract management and operational roles across different sectors, including healthcare. Coupled with experience in marketing, she brings project management and communicative skills to the role of Bid Manager.


Bid Manager

With an extensive background in writing Education, Health and Care Plans in specialised LD and post-16 educational provision, Emma brings their vast experience of public sector work as a project manager for local charities to the Bid Manager role.

Emma is passionate about safeguarding and Equality and Diversity, bringing a tangible community focus to tackle inequalities to the tendering process.


Bid Manager

Following a Master’s degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE), Rachel has worked extensively in adult social care commissioning and consultancy. Rachel has knowledge of both local government and public services as well as specialisms in children’s services, adult social care and health, bringing a wealth of knowledge to the role of Bid Manager.

Outside of HealthBid, Rachel volunteers widely; she has led an expedition to Kilimanjaro for Hope for Children, facilitated Mental Health support groups with The Cellar Trust and worked as a Community Volunteer in Senegal. Rachel is also a parent to two Huskies.


Bid Manager

With a degree in Creative and Professional Writing, Laura brings narrative flair and communicative prowess to the Bid Manager role, weaving win themes throughout the bid to impress the Commissioner. Coupled with her experience in digital communications, specialising in higher education, health, science and technology sectors, Laura has a wealth of project management experience delivering national campaigns enabling her to support the team at every stage of the bid writing process.


Bid Manager

With an extensive background in writing and editing complex documents for major national and international clients, Kat applies her wealth of experience and vast skillset to the Bid Manager role.

With a BA in Languages and MA in Literary Linguistics, Kat is a highly competent writer and communicator, creating eloquent responses and supporting the team with excellent leadership.

Passionate about accessibility in healthcare, Kat works hard to create stand-out bids that tackle inequalities and impress the Commissioner.


Bid Manager

Starting as an apprentice within Health Education England and working her way up to senior project support officer, Elle has unrivalled knowledge of the healthcare sector, specifically within workforce transformation and innovation. Coupled with quality project leadership and an eye for detail, Elle draws on her wealth of stakeholder engagement to craft win-worthy bids. Elle has a special interest in sexual health and mental health services, alongside a passion for innovative technology in healthcare.

Elle also teaches musical theatre, at a professional musical theatre school, to young children outside of HealthBid, developing thorough lessons with the needs of the children at the heart of her teaching.

Bid Writers

Our Bid Writers write and refine high quality compelling responses, conducting thorough and valuable research to couple with knowledge from client meetings to produce enriched, balanced, and targeted responses. They work with the wider team to underpin project delivery, supporting on processes and tasks, contributing to seamless progress. Our Bid Writers also design and generate engaging graphics to help illustrate and add value to key parts of your response.


Bid Writer

With a degree in English and previous work within the educational sector, Radhika brings her flair for writing along with structured management from her experience as a teacher to create compelling, timely content for clients.

Radhika has a specialist interest in writing about Mental Health, coupled with recent experience in content creation for 111 services.


Bid Writer

Annabel brings her passion for writing alongside analytical skills from a degree in History to the role, creating stand-out responses with a keen eye for detail.

With a varied repertoire of projects, Annabel has honed valuable skills such as word cutting, expressing content articulately yet succinctly.


Bid Writer

Freya's creativity and experience in a writing role enable her to deliver engaging submissions for clients across all topics.

Freya has an eye for detail, developing content which stands off the page.


Bid Writer

With a degree in History, Matt has been able to translate his skills to aid him in his day-to-day responsibilities of creating content, researching, and attending meetings with clients to discuss and plan responses before writing.

Through undertaking a varied degree, which ranged from the Roman Empire to contemporary human rights, as well as a year studying abroad, he is able to quickly adapt, understanding and efficiently articulating content for each project.


Bid Writer

With a degree in Geography, including modules on Health Geography, Molly applies her critical thinking and analysis to content creation to ensure punchy, compliant responses.

Molly has worked across a variety of projects, with notable experience in Healthy Lifestyle services.

Sam D

Bid Writer

Sam brings skills and knowledge both from his Politics and Sociology degree as well as his background in hospitality management, with both a natural curiosity and ability to work to a high standard in fast-paced environments.

Sam uses this experience to develop winning responses through understanding both our clients and the wider context.


Bid Writer

With a degree in English and experience in the world of communications, Nieve is adept at translating our client's services and win themes into compelling, accessible content.

Agile to project requirements, she has varied bidding experience notably in technology and Healthy Lifestyles services.


Bid Writer

With a degree in English Language, Literature, & Creative Writing, Amy brings both technical knowledge and a love for writing both professionally and creatively to her bid writing role.

Having worked within management positions in hospitality, she effectively adapts to client timescales whilst maintaining high quality standards.

Senior Bid Managers

Our Senior Managers are responsible for delivering end-to-end projects, managing their teams to ensure seamless progress whilst providing expert input and quality assurance.


Senior Bid Manager

Meticulous in her work, Tânia uses her expertise in English Literature to complement her management skills. A typical day for Tânia involves the management of the administration of bids through portal management and bid compliance, overseeing and managing Bid Writers, and content production.

Tânia specialises in EPR and technology bids, with a wealth of knowledge within the area.


Senior Bid Manager

As a Senior Bid Manager, Kirsty leads large or complex tenders end-to-end with the bid team. She ensures compliance, quality assurance, mentorship, and ongoing project guidance – ensuring we always deliver the best possible bid for our clients.

With a background in bidding, marketing, and healthcare tech solutions, Kirsty is well placed to lead both clients and internal teams alike throughout the bidding process.


Senior Bid Manager

Francesca applies her background in English Language and Linguistics to aid her in managing the end-to-end tender process whilst working with the bid team to support writing and ensuring that progress is on track and consistent.

A typical day for Francesca consists of managing meeting actions and the content received from clients, management of clarification questions and responses, ensuring that progress is on track for a compliant submission, and overall project planning.


Senior Bid Manager

As a Senior Bid Manager, Sophie is responsible for leading high quality projects. Specialising in strategy, she also works closely with sales, developing proposals and undertaking varied projects simultaneously.


Senior Bid Manager

Josh uses his in-house experience from a provider to the NHS and strong bidding experience to effectively lead and manage bids for our clients.

Josh's focus within HealthBid lies within EPR and technology bids, bringing specialist knowledge.

Chief Operating Officer


Chief Operating Officer

As COO, Rebecca is responsible for the quality and compliance of all our output, taking the lead on people and process and all the enablers to success such as training, recruitment, and resourcing to ensure quality for our clients.

With a focus on the team and the HealthBid vision and values, she empowers our staff - mentoring, training, and upskilling - whilst managing capacity for projects. As an experienced bid professional, she also supports on live projects as part of the allocated team. Her special interest is in Integrated Prison Healthcare.

Business Development Team


Business Development Executive

Ellena is an integral part of our Business Development team, working to engage new clients and educate on the services HealthBid has to offer.

Ellena keeps abreast of upcoming opportunities and Market Engagement Events to ensure we're always in the know for our new and existing clients.



Managing Director

Tom is the Managing Director at HealthBid and with 17 years' experience in Healthcare and private sector roles, he brings a wealth of indispensable knowledge to the team.

Tom helps the team deliver great work for our clients, builds a fantastic culture, and ensures we know what is coming in the healthcare world.

Tom has a specialist interest in Mental health, Sexual Health and Primary Care.



Brendan is the Chair at HealthBid. Throughout his career, he has led many successful bid campaigns, winning hundreds of millions of pounds of work.

Brendan has a specialist interest in Healthcare Innovation, Technology and Strategy.



David has 14 years of experience in Bid Management and 10 years' experience in Health and Social Care. He supports by leading the team through complex bids and manages consultancy projects, such as solution design.

David has a wealth of experience with the NHS England New Models of Care Vanguard Programme, leaving him with an extensive understanding of health and social care strategic development in England, all of which is used to support the HealthBid team and clients.

David has a specialist interest in organisation dynamics and care models, including the emergence of Integrated Care Systems.



Mike leads on the development of new services and manages the scoping process for all Plan projects. He thrives in generating bid readiness and win strategies. With 18 years' experience in the military Mike has a special interest in veterans' mental health.