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Our team's knowledge of the healthcare sector and NHS tender process is unrivalled.

We have worked on hundreds of tenders across all sectors of healthcare, meaning you can rely on our expertise to support you along each step of your journey.

We’re dedicated in delivering the best standard at all times, and the diverse interests and specialities of each of our Bid Professionals are driven by a passion for healthcare and improving services.

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Bid Managers

Our Bid Managers are responsible for managing the full bidding process from start to finish, working closely with you and your team to develop and follow achievable timescales and ensure the project stays on course and is delivered effectively. They are responsible for the leadership of the project team as well as content generation and quality assurance, ensuring all written content is refined and compliant.

The Bid Managers that work on your project will guide you through the process and answer any questions you have along the way from the very first meeting through to the upload and submission of your response.


Bid Manager

Meticulous in her work, Tania uses her expertise in English Literature to complement her management skills. A typical day for Tania involves the management of the administration of bids through portal management and bid compliance, overseeing and managing Bid Writers, and content production.

Recently, Tania has been a part of a mix of projects involving patient transport services, electronic patient record systems, and integrated musculoskeletal services.


Bid Manager

As a Bid Manager, Sophie is responsible for keeping her projects and team on track. This entails writing responses and working on attachments, supporting the rest of the team, communicating with clients and reviewing and monitoring bid timelines.

Sophie has recently writen for a newly formed ICS and also supported in writing MSK and sexual health bids.


Bid Manager

Francesca applies her background in English Language and Linguistics to aid her in managing the end-to-end tender process whilst working with the bid team to support writing and ensuring that progress is on track and consistent.

A typical day for Francesca consists of managing meeting actions and the content received from clients, management of clarification questions and responses, ensuring that progress is on track for a compliant submission, and overall project planning.


Bid Manager

With a background in journalism, Josh is able to meticulously navigate through his day-to-day duties of completing technical responses, detailed local research, and competitor analysis, alongside creating client-facing assets like graphics and storyboards.

Recently, Josh has been giving support across a number of tenders ranging from Patient Transport Services to Children Services. Josh is currently writing highly detailed storyboards, which are conducted as part of our planning process prior to writing the bid.

Bid Writers

Our Bid Writers write and refine high quality compelling responses, conducting thorough and valuable research to couple with knowledge from client meetings to produce enriched, balanced, and targeted responses. They work with the wider team to underpin project delivery, supporting on processes and tasks, contributing to seamless progress. Our Bid Writers also design and generate engaging graphics to help illustrate and add value to key parts of your response.


Bid Writer

With a degree in English Language and Linguistics, Charley has been able to translate those skills to aid him in his day-to-day responsibilities of working alongside other Bid Writers on research projects, assisting Bid Managers, and attending meetings with clients to discuss and plan the contents before writing the response.

Recently Charley has been working on a bid for a 0-19s health service. His key focuses for this bid revolved around researching the client, the competitors, the incumbent, and the local area.


Bid Writer

Using the tools he has developed during his English Literature and Creative Writing degree, Samuel enjoys conducting local research into projects, using his skills to add flair to responses. He has a special interest in Social Value, and how this can be articulated within the tender with a tangible community focus.

Sam takes time to quality check his own responses as well as those written by the team around him to ensure the best quality output for our clients, Sam is also responsible for creating graphics to help convey information in an easy to digest way for commissioners


Bid Writer

Having studied a degree in Psychology, Georgie is able to gauge the needs of her clients and understand their persona, aims, and beliefs to write the most personal and representative bids for them.

As a Bid Writer, Georgie utilises her experience of essay-based workflows to conduct research by making the most of scientific reports, stats, and graphs which allows her to bring both a psychological and scientific perspective to bid writing.


Bid Writer

James is an experienced writer and researcher, using the skills he acquired whilst studying an English Literature degree to develop compelling and accurate bid responses for his clients.

James assists Bid Managers and attends meetings with clients to discuss and plan the contents before writing the response, also supporting in graphic creation to help convey information in an easy-to-digest way for Commissioners.

Having spent 3 years dedicated to creative writing, James is able to translate the skills he obtained to the work he does day-to-day as a Bid Writer.

Senior Managers

Our Senior Managers are responsible for delivering end-to-end projects, managing their teams to ensure seamless progress whilst providing expert input and quality assurance.


Senior Bid Manager

Georgia is our Senior Bid Manager, leading large or complex tenders end-to-end with the bid team. Georgia ensures compliance, quality assurance, mentorship, and ongoing project guidance – ensuring we always deliver the best possible bid for our clients.

With a background in Sociology, Georgia has a specialist interest in writing about Prison Healthcare, Sexual Health and Integrated Adult Lifestyle/Wellness Services including Weight Management, Smoking Cessation and Substance Abuse Services.


Head of Development

As our Head of Development, Alison leads the Plan and Deliver processes, harnessing the bid team and specialist healthcare consultants to deliver successful projects.

Alongside her role at HealthBid, Alison is a Secondary Care clinician with experience across a variety of specialties including elderly care, palliative care, emergency medicine and the Covid-19 response.

Alison is also a lecturer at the University of Leeds Medical School where she holds a teaching and leadership role in curriculum development, teaching professionalism, wellbeing, leadership, team working and patient safety.


Senior Plan Manager

As our Senior Plan Manager, Meg uses her experience of managing bid teams, planning responses, and communicating with clients to coordinate and lead the Plan process during the all-important pre-bid phase.

Meg works closely alongside different teams within the business, liaising with key Plan stakeholders to coordinate the delivery of successful projects right from the initial scoping call, ensuring our clients are bid ready by creating a solution that works for them regardless of their timeline or situation.

Operational Leaders

Our Ops Leadership team are responsible for all operational output, assuring quality. With a focus on the team and the HealthBid vision and values, they empower our staff, providing mentoring, training, and upskilling, whilst managing capacity for projects.

As experienced bid professionals, they also directly lead, manage, and support on live projects as part of the allocated team.


Director and Chief Operating Officer

As COO, Mike is responsible for the quality and compliance of all our output, taking the lead on people and process and all the enablers to success such as training, recruitment, and resourcing to ensure quality for our clients.

Mike has a specialist interest in writing about Integration of Care in the Community and Veteran mental health.


Deputy Chief Operating Officer

Rebecca works with Mike on operational and leadership duties, such as supporting on capacity planning and strategic and personal development of the team whilst leading on the HealthBid Academy, internal mentorship programme, and process learning, to ensure our clients are getting the best quality output.

Rebecca continues to lead bids, managing both projects and teams to deliver compelling submissions, with a specialist interest in writing about Integrated Prison Healthcare.

Business Development Team


Head of Sales

With 25 years’ experience in Business Development and Account Management covering both the public and private sectors, Laura brings a huge amount of experience to the team.

Laura is responsible for introducing new clients to HealthBid, managing the sales and negotiation process through to developing and account managing existing clients.


Marketing Executive

Emmanuel is our Marketing Executive at HealthBid, supporting Ryan and the wider Business Development Team to deliver on our marketing strategy and build our brand reputation.

Emmanuel is an experienced digital marketeer who is keen to ensure our online presence is as strong as it can be, helping create a clear journey for our existing and new clients.


Business Development Executive

Ellena is an integral part of our Business Development team, working alongside Laura to engage new clients and educate on the services HealthBid has to offer.

Ellena keeps abreast of upcoming opportunities and Market Engagement Events to ensure we're always in the know for our new and existing clients.


Marketing Manager

As our Marketing Manager, Ryan is responsible for building awareness of the HealthBid brand and maintaining our reputation through well considered online and offline content. Ryan is the HealthBid brand guardian, delivering consistency across the board by ensuring that all internal and external communications are created in line with the HealthBid brand.

Ryan understands the importance of good communication and a well-considered marketing strategy to build the HealthBid brand and relationships with our clients, new and existing.



Managing Director

Tom is the Managing Director at HealthBid and with 17 years' experience in Healthcare and private sector roles, he brings a wealth of indispensable knowledge to the team.

Tom helps the team deliver great work for our clients, builds a fantastic culture, and ensures we know what is coming in the healthcare world.

Tom has a specialist interest in Mental health, Sexual Health and Primary Care.



Brendan is the Chair at HealthBid. Throughout his career, he has led many successful bid campaigns, winning hundreds of millions of pounds of work.

Brendan has a specialist interest in Healthcare Innovation, Technology and Strategy.



David has 14 years of experience in Bid Management and 10 years' experience in Health and Social Care. He supports by leading the team through complex bids and manages consultancy projects, such as solution design.

David has a wealth of experience with the NHS England New Models of Care Vanguard Programme, leaving him with an extensive understanding of health and social care strategic development in England, all of which is used to support the HealthBid team and clients.

David has a specialist interest in organisation dynamics and care models, including the emergence of Integrated Care Systems.

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