Framework Agreements

The annual conbined turnover of UK Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) was over £1.8 trillion in 2016. Governments in recent years have committed more and more funding to them, since it is clear they are key to economic growth.

Following on from a previous blog (‘A Bidding Guide for Small Businesses’, 10/04/17), we want to discuss how else SMEs can get involved in public procurement. Framework agreements represent around 45% of procurements in the UK, and they are increasingly valuable for SMEs.

Reasons to Red Team

Writing on paper

Composing a bid can be just like any other sort of writing: at the start, you have good intentions of allowing yourself enough time to check your work thoroughly, reflect on the specification and make sure you have answered everything. In practice, when life happens, you may find yourself finishing the bid a bit closer […]

Being Bespoke: the Benefits

Measuring Tape

So you’ve found a contract you want to compete for, you have a sound knowledge of your product and company, and you want to get cracking with composing your bid… At HealthBid, we know that when you’re creating a winning response, it’s good to start early, rein in your horses a little, and reflect on […]

The Self-Awareness Strategy

Pen and Paper

Writing a bid isn’t as simple as just sitting down straight away and putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard!): it is important to know both your product and strategy as well as what you’re competing for in order to put in that winning piece. Reflecting on your organisation as well as being perceptive […]

Fail to Prepare…


Excuse me… If I could just interrupt your new year’s resolutions for a second. Dumbbells down, pens off paper, e-cigs in pockets… this is important.  Thank you. Its January 2016, an opportunity for a fresh start, new challenges, and with that successes. Hopefully by now you’ve caught up from the Christmas break. While you’re busy […]

Answering the right question

Q: How did George Orwell’s ‘1984’ influence later writer’s depiction of the future? A: When thinking about George Orwell, it is easy to underestimate the influence of Aldous Huxley. ‘A Brave New World’, Huxley’s depiction of a future…etc…etc We’ve all done it – answered the question that we know the answer to, not the one […]

How do you future proof a bid?

How much time do you spend thinking about the future? Enough? Too much? Sometimes it’s hard to create the space to look forward and imagine what is and what isn’t possible. Healthcare organisations spend a lot of time trying to predict the future develop strategies that will work for them. Often in isolation and sometimes without […]

What’s Next?

Last week’s election result came as something of a shock for most pollsters. For most people working in the NHS, as in all public services, a period of uncertainty was anticipated while a new government was formed – a process which looked like it would take some time. Instead, the Conservatives have a clear mandate to […]

Election Fever

The HealthBid team have a strong interest in the forthcoming election. We have placed a £5 bet on a number of potential outcomes. But more importantly is the bragging rights post election – we all believe we have got it spot on. As I am sure nobody needs to be reminded it’s very tight right […]

How do we win the bid?

Winning bids is a skill. It’s not just a simple process of creating bids. It’s about building a credible, dynamic and engaging strategy. This is often lost during the process of producing a compliant bid. It is especially difficult to do if you’re the incumbent on a contract. Over the years I have worked with […]