What’s Next?

Last week’s election result came as something of a shock for most pollsters. For most people working in the NHS, as in all public services, a period of uncertainty was anticipated while a new government was formed – a process which looked like it would take some time. Instead, the Conservatives have a clear mandate to […]

Election Fever

The HealthBid team have a strong interest in the forthcoming election. We have placed a £5 bet on a number of potential outcomes. But more importantly is the bragging rights post election – we all believe we have got it spot on. As I am sure nobody needs to be reminded it’s very tight right […]

Why aren’t there more tenders at the moment?

If you’ve been searching for NHS tenders over the last few days, you will have noticed how few there are.  Why?  Well, it’s the General Election, and the rules surrounding it. We’ve entered a phase called purdah, which started on 30th March.   Diring this period, government bodies, including the NHS, refrain from announcing new […]