On the Horizon


Wraparound Care So-called ‘wraparound’ care, i.e. the integration of health and social care, was introduced in response to the problems facing both areas, with the lack of interaction between them lengthening the process of healthcare provision for the Service User. In this blog post, we’ll be looking at the results this innovation will have for UK […]

Style & Substance


  When doing creative writing as part of an English class, it is always important to write for your audience. School tends to teach you how to identify who they are, what they like, and then tweak your writing style accordingly. Register, tone, tenses… These are all buzzwords of English writing which have an impact […]

A Win-Win Situation


As we have said many a time here at HealthBid, preparation is key. You always stand a much greater chance of success if you take the time to prepare and organise the bidding process. There are many stages to this, but no matter which you’re at: if you want to win, you have to know […]

Reasons to Red Team

Writing on paper

Composing a bid can be just like any other sort of writing: at the start, you have good intentions of allowing yourself enough time to check your work thoroughly, reflect on the specification and make sure you have answered everything. In practice, when life happens, you may find yourself finishing the bid a bit closer […]

The Strengths of Story Time

Open Books

There is no doubt that writing is a powerful tool. When you’re young, bed-time stories are one of the highlights of your day. When you get just that bit older, despite the narratives changing slightly, stories still remain a great channel through which to engage people and express a point. This is why we believe […]

It’s hard selling to the NHS?

Writing and creating bids is not easy. Far from it. It takes a lot of time, preparation and effort. Not to mention flair, creativeness and great customer knowledge. And that’s just the starting point. Imagine if you’re new to the market. The opportunities in the NHS for organisations are huge especially those with new innovations […]