Understanding The Importance of Competitor Research in Bid Planning

Competitor Research in Bid Planning

As an organisation bidding for healthcare contracts, you’ll be up against competitors in the tendering process.

Like other sectors, the healthcare industry can be crowded and competitive, so gaining insight into your competitors is vital to make your organisation stand out. Our effective, proven competitor research and gap analysis process can help you to do this.


Bid planning as a whole

Our team works exclusively in the healthcare sector and has extensive knowledge, skill, and experience in bid planning. Our experience tells us that organisations who invest time into competitor analysis as part of their bid planning stand a greater chance of winning contracts.

Competitor analysis allows us to examine your preparedness and drill down into the opportunity, producing reports to support informed and calculated decision-making throughout the bidding process.

Gap analysis can complement competitor research, helping you to identify your strengths and weaknesses using tender specifications and commissioner scoring metrics. By combining both of these, we can see how your organisation compares with others, then use this insight to adapt and improve your bid.


Added value

Identifying the value proposition of your competitors through competitor analysis informs your win strategy, improving chances of a successful tender submission. By pinpointing both the weaknesses and the strengths of your competitors, you can strategically adapt to the specific bidding landscape for each tender opportunity.

With your competitive advantages woven as a golden thread throughout the bid, the commissioner can clearly see why your organisation is the best provider for the contract.

Allocating enough time and resources towards planning for your next bid can play a big part in the success of bid submissions. Our Plan team are experienced in facilitating and managing complex projects with extensive experience in the NHS. If you’re looking for help with planning for your next bid, our team of experts are skilled, equipped, and ready to support you with all your planning needs.


Written by Emmanuel Bvuma, Marketing Executive 

To find out more about our Plan service and how we can help you prepare for your next bid, contact info@healthbid.co.uk or Laura Moore on 0113 479 0803.

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